New Patient Information
BCC is always open to new patients and want to help you with your spinal 
health needs. 
When calling  in for an appointment, the staff will need certain types of information. 

While the office will make an effort to work with your insurance we do not accept all carriers. We do accept BCBS, Medicare, United Health Care and a few others. 

A few other Items:
1.Bring any X-rays and MRIs you may have with you. 
2.Leave plenty of time for the inevitable paperwork.
3.Bring any and all insurance information with you. 
4.Referrals are your responsibility
5.If this is a Work Comp injury or MVA, bring your 
     information, policy or case numbers, police
    reports, etc.. 
6.If in doubt as to whether you need a referral or
    not, fax both sides of your card to 539-8736 and 
     Karen can verify what you need. 
7.Nobody likes paperwork, us included. But if we 
     have it, your case is stronger and everybody's life 
     goes easier. 

Please click on the link below to fill out our basic intake form. Not all sections will apply. 
Then hit submit. Your file can then be retrieved by us. 

This link does not work on mobile platforms or IPads. This is not up to us. It is the IT company that has not caught up with 2019 yet. 
                                         New Patient Form

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