Medicare Non Parity
The below was written many years ago and not much has changed. The government in its wisdom denies care to veterans, and gives benefits to those who never paid nor are even citizens. This is a failure of both parties. 

Ever since I got into practice, the American Chiropractic Association has stated that this is the year to get what we call Medicare Parity. 

In other words, we as chiropractors are paid for the same service that any other medical office could bill. As long as it is the scope of our practice of course. 

That was 37 years ago, and we are all still waiting. For whatever reason, none of the major parties wants this to change. It affects everyone of Medicare age. It means that you the patient will have to pay for things that are routinely covered in a regular medical setting but not a chiropractic one. 

Now we have the so-called advantage plans. Go to YouTube and type in Medicare advantage plans and see what pops up. These can save some money but come with a lot of problems on their own. Several of these we refuse to take since payment for services either takes to long or in some cases not at all. Humana comes to mind. 

We can all write our representatives, Senators etc. In 37 years of trying to get this changed, you might as well scream the top of your lungs in a hurricane. They don't care. And don't hear you at all. 

There was a conference in DC 4 years ago. Some of our Delaware Chiros attended and had a breakfast with the senators etc. These Chiros came out thinking something was being accomplished and things would change. Waste of a free breakfast.