Practice Essentials
The Center offers Chiropractic care with the following techniques.: 

Mechanical Traction-  An excellant choice of care for low back and disc problems, 

Palmer and Diversified   - The standard in Chiropractic care since 1895, this is what
       most folks  think of as Chiropractic.

Activator Technique       -  Useful for Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) and rib
       issues in delicate cases. 

Physiotherapeutics        -   Ice, Hot Moist packs and Interferential Current as needed. 

Advice                              -    Regarding ergonomics, proper sitting, nutrition and other         health  related issues.

Our practice belongs to many (but not all) preferred provider health plans. Please check with our billing department if you have questions. We currently work with all BCBS plans, Medicare, Delaware Workmans Compensation. We will work with many other companies as well, while not explicitly accepting assignment. We do not participate with Aetna or Cigna. The paper work is crushing and they don't like to pay claims. We do participate with several Delaware based Medicaid claims. Call for information and ask for Karen on this. 

Serving the Resorts Since 1983

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Millville, DE. 

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