Indian River School Board

Dr. Hattier has had the privilege of representing the residents of the 5th Electoral district of the Indian river School District for 22 plus years. 

After 22 years he will be retiring from that position in June of 2024. He plans to stay active with the Buildings and Grounds Committe to help follow through on the construction of the new Susses Central Hish School. 

Dr Hattier is participating in the Futures Committee to work to assure we have adequate physical facilities to accommodate all of the new folks coming into our area. We will most likely need at least one new elementary school with in the next 5 years. 

In addition, he has been servicing on the Finance Committee since 2020 and will continue in that role as a community member after retiring. 

Of special interest has been the Ingrams Pond facility. This allowed Dr Hattier to be active at that location and also act as a liaison between the IG and BSA Troop 281 for the last 24 years. Many Eagle and service projects have been done by the troop and this will continue into the future. 

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While Dr Hattier does have a Facebook page, you are not likeley to reach him using the messenger app.