Indian River School Board

Dr. Hattier has had the privledge of serving on the Indian River School Board since 2002. He has been a member of the Board's Finance Committee since 2000. 

Dr. Hattier has four children, one still in the IR system and feels strongly about them and all children getting the best education possible. The older three (one graduated at Vanderbilt and is headed to Medical school, one graduated the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music and is working in her field at a psych hospital, with a third studying speech pathology at Westchester University) credit their solid performances on the background set at the IR School District. 
The fourth feels well prepared to take on Mechanical Engineering at VPI in the coming year.

During his time on the board, Dr. Hattier has participated in the design, building and setting up of the two new High Schools, total renovations on all other existing buildings. He has participated in watching the Indian River School District become one of the leaders in Delaware education. Our school system has served as a role model for many other districts and schools through out the state.

Dr. Hattier is currently serving his fifth term. 

Dr. Hattier always available to talk about the schools and listen to problems residents and parents are having. 
Serving the Resorts Since 1983

35202 Atlantic Ave. 
Millville, DE. 

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