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Dr. Hattier has had the privilege of representing the residents of the 5th Electoral district of the INdian river School District for 18 plus years. 

According to the state of Delaware DOE, the IRSD is to have 10,000 students by 202. The real number as of this writing is 11,500 and growing. There are 1800 more homes going up in the districts boundaries. And while not every home will have children, this whole area and the quality of life are attracting families form the other states. Conservatively we will add 800 students in the next two to three years aone. 

Our buildings were not built for those kinds of numbers.  Good planning back in 2002 and added classrooms since have allowed the district to provide good quality structures for our students to learn in. 

Putting high school students in a building designed for 1500 when the student base is pushing 2,000. strains everyone. 

The district plan to open a new High School built for 2,000 will provide for a chain of events. The older high school becomes a new middle school that will ease all pressures for a period of years. IN addition expanding the existing elementary schools will ease the pressure at that level. 

Delaware is among the handful of states that allows people to vote for or against new schools. That means each time we build we take out a bond. A better word for that though is a mortgage, just like we have on a house or other property. Todays taxes represent several of those mortgages. And just like any mortgage once paid off it goes away. 

With the current referendum in the short term increasing taxes, as those other bond/mortgages are paid off the taxes will drop again. And that payoff on those older ones is in the next three years. 

Please support this referendum on February 13th. It takes years to build a school and we need the lead time as this area continues to grow. If you cannot make it to the polls, please get an absentee ballot from : 
You might have to cut and paste this. 
That page is also the start of links etc that the IRSD has posted. 

Thank you all for the help in getting this passed. Putting students in trailers at 450K per year is not the answer to our space problems. 
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