Chiropractic is America's oldest alternative health care solution. Based on removing the subluxations(kinks) to vertebra and nerves that prevent your body from healing itself, Chiropractic not only helps with aches and pains but with your bodily functions as well.    

The Beachview Chiropractic Center has been available for spinal health needs since 1983. The practice has grown from a summer only practice to a year round facility capable of meeting your Chiropractic and Health Care needs needs. 

With the move in 2006 to 35202 Atlantic Ave in Millville, DE we expanded our affiliations to include Podiatry with Dr. Rene Peterson  and a host of female beautification services from Dr. Julie Hattier.

We are open Monday Wednesday Friday 8:00 to 12:00 and 2:00 to 5:30. 

Serving the Resorts Since 1983

35202 Atlantic Ave. 
Millville, DE. 

1-302-539-8736 Fax
Dr. Hattier with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus OH 2004. Arnold is a terriric proponant of Chiropractic. 
Americas Leading Health Care Alternative