Corona Virus Statement
The Beachview Chiropractic Center is as concerned as everyone else about the Corona virus situation. 
So far it has not been made mandatory to close due the strong relief that Chiropractic care on spinal aches and pains. 
Having said that, if you the reader want to come during this time period, Please be aware of the following:
1.    If you are at all sick or coughing please stay home. In the same thought, if you are at all immune compromised, give an extra thought as to when you want to come in. 
2.    The office has made every effort to be cleaner than  usual and disinfected between patients.
3.    If your desire for an adjustment is for overall health, you might be able to wait till this all settles out. We will take you however, but any risks then are on you the patient. 
4.     Our scheduling will be a bit different in an effort to not have a lot of folks in the lobby at the same time. Therefore you might not get the exact time slot you want. We are usually very accomodating, but with this situation,  might be as good as normal. 
5.        We the staff  appreciate the huge disruption that all of this is causing. The feeling here is that if we all cooperate, in several weeks to a month or so this will all be a bad memory. 

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