Beach View Chiropractic Center
After 37 years of practice and not getting any younger, Dr Hattier turned the BVCC over to Dr Chris Rush and his wife Dr Tracy Rush. 

Both have been in practice for 21 years in the Berlin area. Both kids are through college and very successful, and they wanted to expand the ability to care for people with Chiropractic. 

Their website is

Dr Rush is committed to taking care of folks using very similar techniques to Dr Hattier's. 

Dr. Hattier wants to thank all of my loyal patients and friends who supported the practice over a very long time. 

​This change was effective 17 May 2023.

Call 302 539 7063 and see if Chiropractic can help your health issues. 

Please contact Dr Hattier via amil

While Dr H does have a facebook page you are not likley to get him through the messenger app. 
Dr. Hattier with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus OH 2004. Arnold is a terrific proponent of Chiropractic. 
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